Rights and Obligations of Newly Recognized Refugees and Humanitarian Status Holders

The brochure is intended for newly-recognized beneficiaries of international protection in Bulgaria who are above 18 years old and their dependants.

It contains general practical information on your rights and obligations related to your integration in Bulgaria. It covers the topics of civil registration, accommodation, employment, healthcare, education, recognition of qualifications, Bulgarian language training, social assistance, family reunification and Bulgarian citizenship. It also contains a list of non-governmental organizations providing psycho-social, legal and humanitarian assistance with their contact details.

For any additional questions and issues not covered in the brochure, you can turn to any of the organizations listed at the end of the brochure in accordance with their field of expertise. If you are below the age of 18 and are not accompanied in Bulgaria by your parents, or other relatives responsible for you, additional provisions may apply. For any questions and support you need to turn to your representative or guardian or in his or her absence to any of the organizations listed in the brochure.