Enrollment in kindergarten

The admission of children for pre-school education is carried out all year round. Enrollment, deregistration and transfer to municipal kindergartens are carried out in accordance with an ordinance of the municipal council, as well as according to the regulations of the schools where pre-school education is carried out. Principals provide priority places for children subject to compulsory pre-school education. The conditions for enrollment in kindergarten or school are determined by each municipality and can be found on the website of the respective municipality.


Access to kindergarten or school is subject to application and ranking for a place in the kindergarten. You can apply according to general criteria as well as social criteria.

After successful ranking, the child can be enrolled in the kindergarten or school, and the parent / guardian / custodian provides the principal with the necessary documents for enrollment depending on the Ordinance of the respective municipality. The documents include an original and a copy of the birth certificate and documents for medical tests that prove that the child does not suffer from contagious diseases and has been vaccinated in accordance with the Bulgarian immunization calendar.


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