Civil registration

After granted refugee or humanitarian status, within 14 days you must find housing and go through compulsory civil registration in the respective municipality.


How to make a civil registration

  • Find a home with an address where you and your family can be registered. The property owner must agree to the registration. It is advisable to sign a rental agreement before registering at the address.
  • Inform the State Agency for Refugees about the address of your new home: The Agency will issue a letter to the municipality where it is located.
  • Register with the following documents:
  • Decision to grant refugee or humanitarian status or asylum;
  • A letter from the State Agency for Refugees to the mayor of the respective municipality;
  • Registration card for State Agency for Refugees
  • Application for permanent and current address
  • A list of all members of your family – parents, spouse, children, siblings (can be written in advance on a white sheet);
  • Rental agreement with the owner of the property, if you have one;
  • A copy of the title deed of the property;
  • Declaration of consent by the owner of the property;
  • Document for paid administrative fee, the amount of which varies by municipality.


The property owner must be present at the registration to sign the declaration of consent. As an exception, a notarized declaration may be submitted instead.


Administrative fee is also necessary to be paid.




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