Prevention of hepatitis

This summary information on prevention is intended for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice or advice from a health professional. For specific questions or concerns about your health, always consult a qualified healthcare professional.

Хепатитът е заболяване, причинено от вирус. От петте различни хепатитни вируса (A, B, C, D и E), само B и C могат да станат хронични, причинявайки продължително заболяване и тежко увреждане на черния дроб.

The main routes of transmission of these infections are three: sexual, blood and vertical (from mother to child). Tests for hepatitis B and hepatitis C are conducted in the laboratories of the Regional Health Inspectorate.

Here are a few short points about hepatitis prevention:


  • Get vaccinated: There are vaccines for hepatitis A and B. Vaccination protects you from these types of hepatitis.
  • Keep hygiene: Wash your hands with soap and clean water regularly, especially before meals and after using the toilet. This can help prevent the spread of hepatitis A and E.
  • Use clean needles: If you use needles for medicinal purposes, make sure they are clean and not shared with others to prevent hepatitis B and C.
  • Use condoms during sex to reduce the risk of hepatitis B and C, which are transmitted through sexual intercourse.
  • Be careful with tattoos and piercings: Make sure the needles and equipment used for tattoos and piercings are sterilized and safe to prevent hepatitis B and C.
  • Avoid sharing personal items: Do not share toothbrushes, razors, or other items that may have traces of blood because this can spread hepatitis B and C.
  • Be careful with food and water: When traveling or when eating away from home, be careful about the quality of the food and water you consume to prevent hepatitis A and E.
  • Get tested: If you have a risk of hepatitis B or C, consider taking tests. Knowing your partner’s status can also help prevent transmission of the infection.
  • If you have hepatitis, follow your doctor’s advice and take prescribed medications to prevent complications and the spread of the virus.

Remember that hepatitis can be a serious illness, but after the said steps, you can reduce your risk and protect yourself.


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