Starting a business and entrepreneurship

Persons with international protection have the right to register a company in Bulgaria and to develop their own business in Bulgaria.


Commercial activity in Bulgaria can be developed in the following organizational forms: sole trader; a trading company; Holding; branch; commercial representation.


A commercial company is a grouping of two or more persons to carry out commercial transactions with common funds. Bulgarian legislation defines the following types of companies:


  • Limited Liability Company/ Single-Member Limited Liability Company;
  • Joint Stock Company/ Single-member joint-stock company;
  • General Society;
  • Limited partnership;
  • Comanditno Friendship with Action


All companies registered in Bulgaria, regardless of the nationality of the owner, are Bulgarian legal entities and are managed in accordance with Bulgarian law.


According to the Bulgarian legislation, sole traders, partners in general partnerships and unlimited partners in the limited partnership and limited partnership with shares have unlimited personal liability to the creditors of the company.


The partners in the limited liability company and the shareholders in the joint-stock companies shall be liable up to the value of their shares in the commercial capital.


After registration in Bulgaria, these persons and enterprises are considered Bulgarian enterprises and are subject to taxation and inspections in accordance with Bulgarian law.


Company registration is carried out at the Registry Agency.


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