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Persons granted refugee status or humanitarian status cannot travel outside Bulgaria with identity cards, but need travel certificates. Persons granted refugee status or humanitarian status are entitled to travel within the EU countries with their travel document without further restrictions. However, as Bulgaria is not part of the Schengen area, transit or final destination countries may impose additional requirements to allow travel. These are available funds for self-support for a certain period, a specific address for accommodation, return tickets, etc. Like Bulgarian citizens, refugees and foreigners granted asylum have the right to stay in EU countries for up to three months. A longer stay is possible only with special permission from the local immigration authorities on the basis of a signed employment contract, started training, etc. Persons who have received humanitarian status must check with the embassy of the respective country to which they wish to travel, what are the conditions for entering its territory. In most cases, European countries require those with humanitarian status to apply for a visa. It is recommended that persons granted refugee status or humanitarian status clarify the conditions of travel and stay in the specific country with the relevant embassy. It is important to clarify the requirements for the duration of the travel certificate, the need for medical insurance, financial means of support, etc.


Applying for travel documents abroad The application is made at the police station in the city where you have a permanent address. A form is filled out and the following documents are attached:

  • The decision granting you refugee status or humanitarian status
  • Previous Bulgarian identity document, if you have one issued
  • Address registration certificate issued by the municipality
  • A receipt showing that you have paid the required application fees
  • A color photo in a special format, unless an opportunity to take a photo at the police station itself is provided

On the spot, a photo is taken and biometric data (fingerprints) are taken.Information is being checked with the State Agency for Refugees.

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